Adresse : RN 1-PK 13, Belle terre Est - Macouria
Téléphone : 0694 405 408
Dieu a créé le monde en six jours et s'est reposé le septième. Le sabbat annonce par anticipation le royaume de Dieu où paix et véritable liberté seront éternelles.
Horaires: Sam 9h-19h/Mer, 19h-20h
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About Risehands

Helping is Great Virtue for Every Human’s

It has been determined through research that when we feel to help, and that someone authentically needs our assistance, and that no trick is being played on us, we reliably do intervene. Interestingly, it has been found that we are less likely to help.

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We’re So Much Trusted Charity Fundations

The opportunities around you to shape you, sharpen your gifts, and prepare you to do.

Giving up unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking sugary soft drinks, or drinking alcohol.

A collection of organizational resources that are geared to accomplish a goals.

WHy donate us

We’re So Much Trusted
Charity Fundations


Give everything of yourself to those you love and if there is anything left, give that too! Most of our popular.


Act of an individual or group freely giving time and labor, often for service many volunteers.


Benefit shall be given for donations made in kind such as donation of clothes, food, etc.